On the Mountain Skills 1 course we introduce Route Planning. We go into much further detail on Mountain Skills 2. Route planning is something we all do every day, but to plan a successful hiking route on the Irish Mountains takes a bit of practice.A route card is a prepared plan of the mountain day, it will contain your intended route, emergency exit points, start and finish times. The route card can also include your groups details, such as quantity out, contact names or club details. It is good practice to leave a copy of your route card with a responsible person who will contact the emergency services should you fail to return by a specific time.

route card on a map

Route cards come in many forms and styles and once they contain the required / recommended information any choice is fine. You can learn all the skills required to become a more competent hill walker – in any weather. We will demonstrate the use of various skills and techniques, in the classroom and also out it the field.

digital route card