Camping Leader Assessment


Location: Dublin/ Wicklow Mountains

This assessment covers:

  • Leadership and Group Management
  • Planning and Supervision
  • Teaching and Learning Skills
  • Camping Food and Cooking
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The Camping Leader Assessment is for people who wish to supervise camping groups and develop participants’ camping proficiency by teaching campcraft activities.

A qualified Camping Leader can operate in a variety of campsites, all with vehicle access, including land with no facilities and commercial campsites offering a range of facilities. A qualified Camping Leader who also holds a walking leadership qualification can operate in terrain within the scope of that scheme, for example journey and wild camp.


The Camping Leader scheme is ideal for those involved with the Gaisce, Irish President’s Award among other things. The skills covered apply to groups using commercial campsites as well as wild camping.

This course will assess:

Leadership and Group Management

Planning and Supervision

Teaching and Learning Skills

Camping Food and Cooking

Private courses are available nationwide, please contact us for details.

Before you book onto a Camping Leader assessment, please make sure you have completed the following:
You must be at least 18 years old
You must have personally undertaken and logged an absolute minimum of five overnight camps, ideally in a variety of contexts.
You must have assisted with or overseen at least two group camps. If personal camping has only been undertaken when also supervising a group, then these two group camps can be part of the total submitted for personal camping i.e. some candidates may need to log only five overnight camps in total. Reflective comments must accompany the group supervision evidence.
You must be familiar with the syllabus.
You must be an experienced self-sufficient camper.
You must have experience of the supervision of camping groups.
You must have physically attended and completed (i.e. not online) a first aid course which involved at least one full day or eight hours of instruction and included an element of assessment

The Mountaineering Ireland Camping Leader assessment takes place over the course of a day to a minimum eight hours contact time.

Additional information


February 24th 2023


All our instructors are experienced, qualified, registered and insured.


Dublin/ Wicklow Mountains, to be advised upon booking


1 full day, 9.00am – 5.00pm

What to bring

Your complete camping kit
Food for the day
Waterproof Jacket and trousers, hill walking footwear, walking trousers/tracksuit bottoms/leggings (avoid cotton) base layer- top/tee shirt/fleece, take a spare if you feel the cold, mid layer- fleece, hat and gloves and backpack.


You are required to being a packed lunch and drink for the day.
You must bring your cooking kit and food to cook/heat.
It would be a good idea to bring plenty of snacks.


You will require your camping equipment, details on booking

First Aid

All our instructors are qualified in remote emergency care and wilderness first aid, you are in safe hands.


A general level of fitness s required.