Our navigation workshops provide a great and practical introduction to mountain navigation, and provide a solid foundation for finding your way in the mountains. On one of our navigation workshops you will learn the necessary skills to begin mountain navigation. You will learn about maps, navigation, compasses, GPS and basic equipment, so that you may be able to safely enjoy the mountains of Ireland.

Mountain navigation workshops are basic training modules covering the map and compass side of hiking that you will require to become a more self-sufficient hiker. We can supply maps, compasses and romers.

You should have some hiking experience before you start on a training course, there is no minimum age limit for these workshops.

Our Navigation Workshop focuses on:

  • Map reading
  • Navigational techniques
  • How to recognise natural features
  • How to take and use a bearing
  • How to use a compass
  • Measuring distance and timing
  • Route planning
  • Emergency procedures

Navigation Workshops are one day long and comprise of a mixture of indoor and outdoor practicals.

navigation workshop