As long time members of The Ramblers and The Wayfarers we know a lot about club training. The Mountain Skills (MS) syllabus provides club members with a great basis in mountain training. Mountain Skills. However, not everyone can dedicate the time to a mountain skills course. We have developed a Hiking Club Leader workshop to fill that gap.

Finding Club Leaders can be a difficult thing for any hiking club’s committee. But increasing the leader poop in your club will certainly improve this. The Club Leader Workshop is one day long and comprise of a mixture of indoor and outdoor practical’s. Club members need to have some experience before starting this course.

Our Club Leader Workshop focuses on:

Walking skills
Group ability
Group management
Personal equipment
Leaders responsibilities
Mountain hazards
Weather forecasts
Conditions on the day
Emergency procedures

Revision and development of basic skills, map setting, feature recognition and contour interpretation. Choice and application of techniques: attack points, collecting features, aiming off, sweep approaches etc.
Exact use of timing/pacing and compass work.
Route planning with reference to: aims, terrain, weather, party ability, escape routes and hazards

Club leader worksho[


Mountaineering Ireland Training Grants.
A Mountaineering Ireland (MI) Training Grants may be available for your course. The grant supports participation in MI training schemes (Lowland Leader, Mountain Skills, Walking Group Leader, Mountain Leader), among others. Please contact Mountaineering Ireland for further details.